Introducing Social Network built on Mirror
January 5th, 2022

Mirror is getting popular and a lot of writers / teams choose as their primary publishing platform.

However, Mirror official team haven’t implemented the feature to help users follow and discover authors they love.

Thanks to Mirror is an open protocol where all the data is stored in the blockchain, I am able to build a project without permission.

Today I am going to introduce, which I built during the past Christmas and NewYear holiday. home page home page aim to be a social network in which user can follow authors / bookmark articles / share curated lists.

Here are the todos I have finished right now:

  • Scripts to index all the mirror data from Arweave blockchain
  • REST-API for indexed data
  • MVP Version of fronted-end
    • Web3 Wallet Login
    • User follow / unfollow function
    • Home Page
    • Feed Page
    • Latest Posts Page
    • Singe Article Page
    • Author Profile Page
    • Author Search

The features I am going to add in coming weeks:

  • Improved UIUX
  • Dark Mode Support
  • Article Search
  • Bookmark
  • Curated List
  • Integrate with CyberConnect for follow/unfollow
  • …… is a web2 project right now, however, since all the articles is on-chain and all the connections is going to be on-chain, if become “evil“, other project can replace it without much effort. That’s the beauty of Web3!

Currently the project is all implemented by myself, if you are interested and want to join it, please ping me on twitter. WAGMI~

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