Development Update
January 30th, 2022

In the past few weeks, I have add more features into

Here is a quick update

  • UI Improvement
  • DarkMode Support
    • This is my favorite feature! Bring better reading experience at night.
  • More SignIn Methods
    • Now support MetaMask / WalletConnect / CoinBase Wallet
  • BookMark
    • You can bookmark good article and read later
  • Editions
    • Create a page to list all editions in mirror. Now you can support authors by collecting NFTs.
  • Post Share
    • In post page, added buttons to share article to twitter/facebook/weibo/wechat
  • Topics Page for Mirror Curator Dao

More features will come in next few weeks~

Thanks for you support! If you have any questions, please ping me on twitter.

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