Update - March
from unsplash
from unsplash

It has been long time since last Development update.

In the last two months, many features have been added.

Today I am going to introduce them:

  • Mirror Crowdfunds List
    • Now users are able to browser all crowdfunds from, which can sort by funding, backer numbers or create time. Go to contribute the projects you love and get the alpha early!
  • CyberConnect Integration
    • To make more decentralized, the follow relationship should be on-chain. Thanks to my friend, @jiayi from CyberConnect team, he developed this feature for bress. Now you can sync all your following relationships to CyberConnect as a backup.
  • ChainFeeds Topics
    • People are willing to see more curated articles about Web3/NFT/DeFi, now ChainFeeds team has created a topic list for you! As for who is behind ChainFeeds, I will keep it as a secret right now..
  • Stats Page
    • want to be an open platform, through this page, all users will be able to see traffic data around bress, which includes unique visitors, page views, bound rate, top sources / top pages.
  • More Posts Section in Article Page
    • When you read an article in, now in the right side, you are able to see more posts from same authors.

Also want to share more features working in process:

  • Website Internationalization Support
    • Right now only support English, since a lot of Chinese authors have chosen as primary publish platform, I will add Chinese support in first.
  • Viewer Only Mode
    • Currently if user want to read his feeds, he has to sign in with wallet. This process may be difficult on mobile devices. Viewer-only mode is similar to the feature on OpenSea app. You just need to input your ETH address or ens name, then you can see your followed articles.
  • Give Tips to Author You Love
    • When reading a good article, you may want to send tips to the author. It may be good idea to support in I want this feature become Buy me a coffee in web3 and use by other web sties.
  • More features are planning……

Thanks for your support!

If you have any questions, please ping me on twitter.

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